The stuff I use to record.

2007-10-17 14:55:44 by Live2shred

Hey everyone!

I got some questions on what I use to record my audio portal submissions.

Well, here goes:

I'm running a Shure SM57 into an Studio Projects VTB-1 mic preamp for vocals and miced instruments.

My ESP LTD MH-400 guitar and Rogue LX405 5-String Bass also run into VTB01 and direct into my recorder, which I then process the signal with my custom COSM tones.

I connect Roland TD-6XT V Drums into my recorder as well.

For most of my songs, I use my recorder's built-in velocity sensitive drum machine.

My recorder is a Boss BR600. All mastering and mixing is done on it. I use Sennheiser HD280 headphones for monitoring.

Its a simple, inexpensive, and high quality set up. I've always hated computer interfacing, its just not my style. So I use a digital multi-track and get equal quality.

The stuff I use to record.

If you like my music

2007-10-16 22:26:37 by Live2shred

Please add my myspace music page! Its my solo project called Halcyon!

Halcyon On MySpace