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creepy old videogame music creepy old videogame music

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how long you been playing the MIDI controller? take lessons?


==(Climbing a Snow Mounta ==(Climbing a Snow Mounta

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production tips??

i don't know why people are giving you production tips. MIDI sound samples are already EQed, compressed, amped, and ready to go. Adding a bunch of tweaking to MIDI sounds that have already been recorded in a professional environment seems a bit over the top to me. I say this song is perfect.

Buoy responds:

Haha what? I never recorded any of this or used midi sound samples- it's all soft synths :D

Thanks for the review anyway :D

Cannabalistic Urge Cannabalistic Urge

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sound quality is ass-kicking!! what kind of interface are you using? software? drums? i must know!!

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Nothing Else Matters In Church Nothing Else Matters In Church

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if only i could use flash, i'd definately use this in an animation.
did you program it on FL or play it with a midi controller? either way, it must have been heckling, but you pulled it off and no doubtedly slayed the other covers

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Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

It was done in Reason. It was a crappy midi I found, that I ended up re writing from scratch. Which means, I knew the notes were way off, had to re-tab it out, as I played my guitar...I probably worked much harder on this, than I ever intended to. Glad you liked it. As for other covers, I haven't heard one as good. (where synthed stuff was used)

Thanks for another awesome review!\m/

Anger Management ...Chill Anger Management ...Chill

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i was so expecting Suicidal Tendency style stuff (hardcore rapping) but this is so chill its completely original. guitars are a bit sharp but they go good with the drum loop. you should do a version with acoustic sounding drums, i love that stuff with hip-hop. nice sampling too!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Hmm, acoustic drums, eh? I can do. I'd have to try that out, for sure. Suicidal Tendancy, kicked ass. haha.
I'm always having issues with my bloody guitar tone. One day I'll get that shit figured out.:( I think that is the cause of my block. Its more work to get the sound I want, or even close to it, than it is to actually make the song. haha. Thanks for the review, dude!\m/

The Sins Of Gods The Sins Of Gods

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well as for the viking vocals

your vocals are more like mudvayne. very industrial and clear. you really kicked ass at 1:05 and your friend made a killer instrumental for you. work on EQing the mids, the guitars are thin especially with the vocals. i tihnk a good boost at 800hz would do the trick ;)

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks dude, Angelsdontkill is kicking ass with tunes, I'd sing to them all, if he'd let me. haha. Thanks for the kick ass review. I worked really hard, on my black metal style vocals, so I'm glad you liked them.
I'll point this review out to Angels, as he is the guitar mastererererer. heheh.

Thanks again, man.\m/

Sand Castles Sand Castles

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whaaaat? blows away all the competition

you belong putting music on shelves, not newgrounds! this is too freakin good!

BiT-MAX.32|bass|extreme| BiT-MAX.32|bass|extreme|

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the main menu of a video game definately comes to mind when listening.
the bass is rattling my subwoofer! nice 2.1 mix!

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+Hostile+ +Hostile+

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awesome production man. tight, heavy, vicious

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Bury those memories Bury those memories

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Strong Flanger

there's alot of flanging in the beginning but then i realized that it would go great with a flash, and indeed it did! nice drums too!

DarKsidE555 responds:

I guess it was flanger. XD Phaser and Flanger sometimes sound pretty much the same. It counts on how you set things up. But...I guess it was flanger this time so yeah, it's a lot in the beginning but to me it's a short and perfect intro for the actual song. Glad you like the drums as well. It was the first time I really liked them as well! :3

Thanks for checking dude!