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The Truth About God The Truth About God

Rated 5 / 5 stars

what the frig??

your score is crap man!! i loved my ass off at the short number! people need to take it easy on the blammage


"Get A God" #4 "Get A God" #4

Rated 5 / 5 stars

love these videos

"no i'm not, its in the bible!"

hahaha classic

"Get A God" #3 "Get A God" #3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

great concept

religious debates in the review section! WOOT!

awesome videos, i love em.

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Custom Guitar Custom Guitar

Rated 3 / 5 stars


no 7 strings :(

nice illustrations

Free Rider 2 Free Rider 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


here's my level, its tricky but lots of fun! hope you enjoy and trust me its not one of those impossible levels hahaha

-18 1i 18 1i 13 28 1u 2u 2t 3f 3u 3u 4r 4c 5n 4q 6l 56 7i 5h 8b 5q 90 62 9s 69 an 6f br 6i d7 6j ej 6e fq 5p gq 4k hi 3b i3 1k ic -c ic -22 i8 -3q hu -5j hd -7b gj -91 fi -an eb -cb cv -dv bb -fh 9k -gs 7q -hr 5s -id 3k -id 1b -hv -r -h7 -2r -g5 -4m -eq -6e -d9 -85 -bh -9q -9l -bc -7m -cq -5l -e5 -3k -fg -1k -gn d -hr 2f -iu 4h -jp 6l -kb 8s,-kb 8s -kh b2 -k9 d4 -jj f2 -in gu -hj ik -g9 k4 -eo lf -d4 mj -be ng -9n o6 -81 op -6c p3 -4g p0,16e 1lo 1k6 1nk,22s 1su 30s 1vo,1rc 1s0 22s 1su,2ga 1u6 2h6 1u6 2i0 1u3 2io 1u1 2je 1ts 2jv 1tk,13a rq 12c 122#-50 -b8 -42 -8e -3e -b8,-18 -b8 -2g -b8 -2g -8e -18 -8e,-2g -a0 -1s -a0,-a -au -a -8e u -8e,34 -au 18 -au 18 -8e 2q -8e 2q -ak,50 -au 3o -au 3o -8e 4m -8e,7g -au 5u -au,6i -au 6i -8e 76 -8e,6i -8e 5u -8e,8o -au 8o -84,84 -au 9m -au,b8 -9c b8 -7q,b8 -92 ak -ak,b8 -92 bs -ak,2oe 3n2 2oe 3ps#O 3ki 2jo,O 3ic 2jo,O 3gq 2jo,O 3co 2jo,O 382 2j4,O 35i 2iq,O 324 2j4,O 2vu 2j4,O 31g 2j4,O 332 2j4,O 36g 2j4,O 3as 2jo,O 3ea 2k2,O 3h4 2kc,O 3im 2kc,O 3fi 2je,O 3dm 2j4,O 3bq 2j4,O 390 2iq,O 38c 2iq,O 36g 2iq,O 35s 2j4,O 3dc 2je,O 3b6 2je,O 39k 2je,O 36q 2j4,O 358 2j4,O 2vu 1v4,O 2u2 1ug,O 2s6 1u6,O 2q0 1u6,O 2ng 1ts,O 2la 1ts,T 3gq 286,T 30s 1u6,G 39k 26a b8,T tm 148,T 1hm 1lo,T -5u n4,B -3e -em 71,B a -gi 7c,B 5a -hq 7o,B b8 -do a3,B f0 -92 9r,B h6 -2q ad,B fk 4m m

FreeRiderPete responds:

Yeah, it was kinda hard, but i got trough it.
Really nice track!

Punk-o-matic Punk-o-matic

Rated 5 / 5 stars


if anyone hasn't played this, they've been living in a hole.

check this one out

-1---2---c---bbb6-3-2---a---1---9---c -c-----------------------93416-7-8-6-

its nice to have cartoons play the music for me lol

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creepy old videogame music creepy old videogame music

Rated 5 / 5 stars


how long you been playing the MIDI controller? take lessons?


==(Climbing a Snow Mounta ==(Climbing a Snow Mounta

Rated 5 / 5 stars

production tips??

i don't know why people are giving you production tips. MIDI sound samples are already EQed, compressed, amped, and ready to go. Adding a bunch of tweaking to MIDI sounds that have already been recorded in a professional environment seems a bit over the top to me. I say this song is perfect.

Buoy responds:

Haha what? I never recorded any of this or used midi sound samples- it's all soft synths :D

Thanks for the review anyway :D

Cannabalistic Urge Cannabalistic Urge

Rated 5 / 5 stars


sound quality is ass-kicking!! what kind of interface are you using? software? drums? i must know!!

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